Bonheur Factory (Marseille)
Conferences and appointments with inspirational personalities who share their knowledge and experiences.
Thanks to the team for their invitation !

Espace MOM (Alsace)
Transformation of electromagnetic waves into beneficial waves (4G, 5G, wifi, CPL, linky)
Pub Espace MOM

Linky PLC filter (& dirty electricity)
Neutralize Linky’s CPL pulses
pub filtre CPL

Vitbot Glass Carafe
Water vitalization thanks to natural vortex
Ad Vitbot bottle

Noémie Pelourson (Dun/Grandy, Nièvre) – Tel. +33 6 68 39 03 09
Holistic care on all levels, release of karmic and transgenerational memories
Noémie Pelourson

Paul Monin (Brocéliande) – Tel. +33 6 07 16 76 93
Seminars, Formations (Solids of Plato), Elixirs, Djeds, GeoBioHarmony
Pub Paul Monin

Françoise Bayle (Passy, Haute-Savoie) – Tel. +33 6 80 35 22 69
Foot reflexology, hypnosis
Françoise Bayle, réflexologie plantaire

Plantalarose (Espéraza, Aude) – Tel. +33 6 60 50 23 46
Mother liquors, oily macerations, herbal teas, elixirs, syrups, ormus

Pauline Faivre (Bretagne)
Reconnection to yourself, mandalas
Pauline Faivre

Julia Pernet-Solliet (Mont-Saxonnex, Haute-Savoie) – Tél. 07 86 92 09 15

Tissue Osteopath and Holistic Therapist, Healing and Sacred Space Facilitator,
Accompanist of the feminine

Mayan Astrology (Haute vallée de l’Aude) – Tél. 06 85 46 00 07
Arlette accompanies you on your way through its various tools and guidance
Arlette, Mayan Astrology

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