Akashic Therapy

What to expect

Your appointment consists of a session of realignment which lasts for 1 hour. We communicate directly and work with the Akashic records of your soul. We are only given the information that is necessary to release a karmic aspect that may be linked to you in this lifetime:
– Physical, mental, emotional trauma
– Mental programming or limiting, fears
– Genetic heritage that has carried through from ancestral family genetics

or previous lives:
Becoming aware of this, will make you grow and evolve… You may just have a concern, a question. Or you may recognise a pattern that keeps repeating with another person in this lifetime. For any of these it is necessary to clear the karmic memories.

We also offer “Duo sessions” (Isabelle & Stéphane) for a more precise and effective action. Our two vibrations, different and complementary, allow to go further in the releases.

We give you the information that we receive and the clearing of the karmic memory happens simultaneously.

Akashic therapy is for everyone (humans and animals). There is no age limit. For children, parental consent is required. There is no limit to the number of sessions. Just call us when you feel the need to.
Sessions can take place by phone, Signal or Telegram. Ensure that before a session, you are comfortable and will not be disturbed.


The price per session is 60 € (for people with low incomes, we ask a price of 50 €).
The price for the “Duo session” is 80 €.

In France only, you can pay by cheque or Paypal (which also manages the CB without creating an account!). If paying by cheque, our address will be sent by SMS.
For all other countries, payments can be made via Paypal

Payment must be received the day before the appointment date.

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