2nd “Workshop & Discussion” in Les Houches (Haute-Savoie, France)

Atelier-débat ChamShake 2015

I will be in Haute-Savoie on 18 October to 1 Nov 2015.
I will be running a new “Workshop & Discussion” in Cham’Shake Association (at the old Tourist Office Les Houches – Haute Savoie).
The “Workshop & Discussion” will be on Thursday 22 October and Thursday 29th October at 8pm. It will be on the theme of “new consciousness and awakening”. It will cover:
– Discussion on the Akashic records, the karmic liability and mandate of incarnation.
– Proposed Workshop: Connect to the Akashic record – your own or someone else’s.
– An opportunity to ask questions.
There will be a guided meditation to end the evening

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