Reconnect to your Soul light

Allowing you to express yourself in Harmony with your soul, the highest expression of yourself

The Akasha

The Akasha is the first emanation of the Source.
It is the sacred feminine.
It is the origin of everything.
It creates life across all dimensions.
It is the universal consciousness and memory of all life.
It is the omnipresent existence which permeates everything.
It is the amniotic fluid of the womb of the Universe.

Akashic records

Without our physical forms, we are pure light or "Beings of Light" with an Oversoul that always guides us. The Akashic Records are a protected space in which all the information about the soul path of every unique "Being of Light" is recorded and held.
For every living being, every animal, every plant, everything that is created, a file containing all its records exists. It is possible to work with the Akashic records because permission is given to do so by the soul before its incarnation into a particular lifetime.

The "life plan" is a record of an incarnation with life experiences that enable the soul to grow. One can either take the "direct" path and therefore stay on one's path, or take detours along the way; until one has finally realized the meaning behind the obstacles encountered and sees them as messages to change direction.

Being on the path of Light and following Source's plan, enables us to let go and to be in the present moment, therefore opening to infinite possibilities. And it is by integrating our "Being of Light" that we can best express who we are as divine beings, a tiny part of the Source.

There is no duality. The "Being of Light" and the Ego (the constructed self) are no longer One.
Awareness of the soul's multi-dimensionality reveals the illusion of this world in which we live.
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