Reconnect to your Soul light

By releasing the memories of all your lives and dimensions, regain your sovereignty.

The Akasha

Akasha is the first Emanation of the Source.
She is the Sacred Feminine.
She is at the beginning of All That Is.
She is the Creator of Life’s many dimensions.
She is Universal Consciousness, and the Memory of all Life.
She is Ever-Pervading, Omnipresent Existence.
It is the Universal Matrix Amniotic Fluid.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a protected space in the Akasha where all information about each soul journey is stored. A record exists for every living being, every animal, every plant, every materialization. It is possible to bring changes to this record as long as this was planned by the soul prior to its embodiment.

The Life Plan is an embodiment mandate with life experiences that will allow the soul to grow. The soul can choose to take a direct path and stay in her Life Plan, or she can choose to diverge until she finally understands that obstacles on the path are a guidance advising another direction.

To be on one’s Light Path, following one’s Divine Plan leads us to letting go, to living in the present moment, thus opening to infinity the field of potentialities. Integrating our Higher Self (or higher consciousness) will allow us to best express who we are as a divine Being, tiny fleck of the Source.

There is no more duality, the Being of Light and the ego (the incarnate Being) have become one.
Becoming aware of one’s multi-dimensionality unveils the illusion of this world in which we are living.
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